Installation methods

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To install OpenWrt on your device, you need to know two things:

  1. Where do I get an OpenWrt firmware image for my device? → ToH firmware download
  2. How do I install OpenWrt on my device?
  • Enter your Model in the white field below.
  • Check the devicepage (if available) of your device for specific installation instructions

Filter: Installation method

# BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelUnsupported FunctionsDevice PageDevice TechdataInstallation method(s)Comment installationRecovery method(s)Comment recovery
1View/Edit data
23Com3CRWER100-7514.073crwer100_75View/Edit datasee devicepage
34G SystemsAccessCube (MeshCube)8.09.2access.cubeView/Edit datasee devicepage, TFTP genericTFTP generic
47LinksPX-488519.07.2px4885View/Edit dataGUI OEM, see devicepage, TFTP genericsee devicepage, TFTP generic
58devicesCarambola 122.03.2carambolaView/Edit dataunknownunknown
68devicesCarambola 222.03.2carambola2View/Edit dataSysupgrade, U-Boot TFTP recoveryU-Boot TFTP recovery
78devicesHabanero DVK22.03.2View/Edit dataSysupgradeunknown
88devicesJalapeno22.03.2View/Edit datasee git-commit, Sysupgradeunknown
98devicesLima22.03.2View/Edit datasee git-commitunknown
108devicesRambutan22.03.2View/Edit dataGUI OEM, see git-commit, Sysupgrade, U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery
11Abicom InternationalFreedom CPERev 0510.03freedom_cpeView/Edit dataRedBoot TFTP + serial recovery, see devicepage
12Abicom InternationalScorpion SC300M19.07.10View/Edit datasee devicepageU-Boot TFTP recovery
13Abicom InternationalScorpion SC450Rev 0219.07.10scorpion450View/Edit datasee devicepage
14Abicom InternationalScorpion SC1750419.07.10sc1750View/Edit dataunknownU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery
15AcctonMR3201A8.09foneraView/Edit dataRedBoot TFTP + serial recovery, see devicepageRedBoot TFTP + serial recovery
16AcctonWR620222.03.2View/Edit dataunknownunknown
17AcmeSystemsNetus G20netusg20View/Edit data
18ActiontecGT701C, D10.03.1gt701dView/Edit dataunknownunknown
19ActiontecGT704WG1A10.03.1Will boot but there is insufficient memory to function.gt704wgView/Edit dataADAM2 FTP, see devicepageADAM2 FTP
20ActiontecGT784WNV5A22.03.2DSL modem, USBgt784wnvView/Edit dataCFE TFTP + serial recovery, CFE web recoveryCFE TFTP + serial recovery, CFE web recovery
21ActiontecMI424WRA18.06.1mi424wrView/Edit dataRedBoot TFTP recovery, see devicepageStock bootloader unsupported, RedBoot must be installed
22ActiontecMI424WRC18.06.1mi424wrView/Edit dataRedBoot TFTP recovery, see devicepageStock bootloader unsupported, RedBoot must be installed
23ActiontecMI424WRD18.06.9mi424wrView/Edit dataRedBoot TFTP recovery, see devicepageStock bootloader unsupported, RedBoot must be installed
24ActiontecMI424WRIexternal imageWIPmi424wr_rev._iView/Edit dataU-Boot TFTP + serial recovery
25ActiontecR1000H22.03.2View/Edit dataunknownunknown
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