Communication within the OpenWrt Project

One of OpenWrt's goals is that all project-related communication should be done on public channels that are archived and easily browsable. However, specific problems and tasks may be resolved using direct means of communication. Please look through these choices to find an appropriate means to reach us.

Due to the past OpenWrt/LEDE merger, there were two public web forums available of which only one is still in use today.

  • The Old OpenWrt Forum used to host a large community of OpenWrt users and developers and provided a platform to discuss all OpenWrt related topics. Unfortunately, the forum suffered a total data loss in May 2018, which the project was never be able to recover from. Partial archives are available for browsing, but posting is not possible anymore.

Important changes about OpenWrt, such as new releases or important security fixes, can be received on different channels:

Communication happens on several public mailing lists:

  1. OpenWrt-Devel archives and info - Mailing list for submitting patches and general development related work.
  2. OpenWrt-Admin archives and info - Mailing list for project administration.
  3. OpenWrt-Announce archives and info - Mailing list for new releases and security announcements
  4. OpenWrt-Bugs Archives and info - This list receives bug tracking notifications from Flyspray.
  5. LEDE-Commit Archives and info - This list tracks the commits to our openwrt/openwrt.git and web.git repositories.

During the LEDE period, some of the lists were named lede-* instead of openwrt-* (e.g. lede-bugs). There might still be archives of those lists.

The project provides 3 IRC channels on OFTC:

  1. #openwrt - a public channel for everyone to join and participate.
  2. #openwrt-devel - a public channel for developers to join and participate.
  3. #openwrt-adm - a public channel for project organisation.

Refer to OpenWrt IRC Contact for further details.

Please see Submit bug reports.

We will post notices of server outages, maintenance, or other disruption on the @lede_project account on Twitter.

Please direct general inquiries (NOT support) to to open a confidential discussion with the project developers.

This contact address is primarily intended to find a suitable mode of cooperation and to inquire about project matters without having to disclose your corporate identity upfront. There will be no special treatment beyond this first contact. Please see the OpenWrt/LEDE Project Rules for further information.

Actual development should happen in public and corporations are strongly encouraged to send their contributions through the public mailing lists or in the form of Github pull requests.

The OpenWrt Summit will benefit anyone who wants to learn more about OpenWrt software and is a great opportunity for the core community to get together face to face. Follow @OpenWrtSummit on Twitter.

These may not by monitored by the team, so please choose some other official support mechanism listed on this page if you don't get a timely response.

Follow: Getting support

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