• This site is from the community, and for the community.
  • The OpenWrt developers provide the facilities that make this site work, but are otherwise equal members of the community.
  • A few of the top-level pages about the community's governing rules are on read-only pages. The majority of the site is open for registered members to edit and improve.

The purpose of this site is to provide:

Read Dokuwiki Syntax Tutorial for available markup commands and installed syntax plugins. Try them out in the Playground Page!

Read Wiki contribution guide to see the guidelines to follow when writing articles.

See Adding images to the OpenWrt Wiki on how to take good pictures and upload them to the site.

The site has built-in consistency tests. These pages are automatically generated to report problems.

  • Regular maintenance helps to keep the site in good shape.
  • Check the To do list for tasks flagged as needing to be done

See statistics for internally-managed services.

Below mentioned people can be contacted regarding questions about this website.

What Who Contact via
Table of hardware tmomas Forum
Wiki in general (Usage, Syntax, ...) tmomas Forum
Package list bobafetthotmail Forum
Infrastructure (server outages, ...) thess, jow Bug tracker1)
Other questions about openwrt.org Forum Forum

There is also a page with more info about reporting bugs.
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