CLI generic

Installation can be done via CLI generic.

BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelInstallation method(s)Comment installationDevice PageDevice Techdata
ASUSRT-AC57Uv121.02.0CLI generic, U-Boot TFTP recovery, see git-commitrt-ac57uView/Edit data
COMFASTCF-E120Av321.02.0GUI OEM, CLI generic, Sysupgrade, U-Boot web recovery, see devicepageSee the device page on the wiki for data
COMFASTCF-E313AC21.02.0GUI generic, GUI OEM, CLI generic, Sysupgrade, U-Boot web recovery, see git-commitcf-e313acView/Edit data
FonFonera simpl Japan FON260121.02.0CLI generic, see git-commitView/Edit data
HiWiFi/GeeHC636119.07.8CLI generic, Sysupgrade, see devicepageNeed to downgrade (unlock) U-Boot at first, do not reboot, then issue sysupgrade -F -n *sysupgrade.bin to install Openwrt, you might not able to revert to stock firmware afterwardshc6361View/Edit data
LinksysE4200v1.021.02.0GUI OEM, CLI generic, Linksys TFTP, see forume4200_v1View/Edit data
UbiquitiUniFi AP PRO21.02.0CLI generic, U-Boot TFTP recovery, see devicepageunifi_ap_proView/Edit data
UbiquitiUniFi AP Outdoor Plus21.02.0CLI generic, see devicepageunifi_outdoorplusView/Edit data
UbiquitiUniFi AC HD21.02.0CLI generic, see git-commitunifi_ac_hdView/Edit data
ZyXELNBG6616A0021.02.0CLI generic, see devicepagenbg6616View/Edit data
ZyXELNBG6716A0121.02.0CLI generic, see devicepagenbg6716View/Edit data
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