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Reporting bugs

Bug or no bug?

In case you are unsure if what you found is a bug, or if you have other issues that are not bugs, please use the forum, IRC or mailing list.

Issue tracker

Report bugs pertaining OpenWrt core functionality and device support using our issue tracker.
If the bug is about a secondary package in the feeds you need to open an issue in the package feed's issue tracker instead.

If you are unsure, please use the Packages tables to know where you should report the bug.

When reporting bugs please make sure to:

  • Name the tree/revision/version
  • Name the affected device
  • What does it do that it should not do / what does it not do that it should do
  • Steps to reproduce
  • What you have already done to workaround/fix the problem
  • Any additional info you thinks is important

Remember, the better is your bug report, the more likely it is that it will be worked on.

:!: Reporting a bug is important as it raises awareness of an issue, but it does not constitute a claim that anyone has to work on fixing it.

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