Installation can be done via Telnet.

BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelInstallation method(s)Comment installationDevice PageDevice Techdata
AsiaRFAP7621-00122.03.5Serial, Sysupgrade, Telnet, TFTP generic, U-Boot TFTP + serial recovery, U-Boot TFTP recoveryView/Edit data
AsiaRFAP7621-00218.06.0Telnet, TFTP generic, U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryap7621-002View/Edit data
BOLTArion22.03.5see git-commit, Telnet, U-Boot TFTP + serial recoveryView/Edit data
EnGeniusENS202EXT1. OEM, see git-commit, Telnetens202ext_1.0.0View/Edit data
GeHuaGHL-R-00119.07.0see git-commit, TelnetView/Edit data
i.onikCloud Hubexternal imageSerial, Telnetlogin root/91657853, then mtd_write of sysupgrade image to mtd5View/Edit data
MedionMD86587v122.03.5see devicepage, Telnetmd86587View/Edit data
NETGEARR623022.03.5see devicepage, see git-commit, TelnetLuCI Web Interface/uhttpd (also ssh) may NOT be enabled across power cycling after installation, or hard reset. If not - can test by power cycling first, a hard reset brings it back - then ssh, enter '/etc/init.d/uhttpd enable' on the command line, then 'reboot' or '/etc/init.d/uhttpd start' before power cycling or backing up a configuration. Restoring a configuration from after this had been applied also solves the problem.r6230View/Edit data
SamsungWAM25022.03.5see git-commit, TelnetView/Edit data
YunCoreA93022.03.5see git-commit, Telnet, U-Boot TFTP recoveryView/Edit data
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