OpenWrt project infrastructure

The OpenWrt project relies on the considerable efforts of its volunteer developers, the core documentation team, the forum moderators, and the host of people who're actively using and testing the products. The OpenWrt team has also provisioned many physical and virtual servers that “make the OpenWrt project go”.

We run the following services internally to support the OpenWrt project:

Service Technology Description Server Statistics Admin(s)
Website and documentation Dokuwiki Primary OpenWrt website and documentation/wiki DigitalOcean droplet awstats bobafetthotmail, jow, thess, tmomas, zorun
Forum Discourse Provides a place for people to ask and answer questions about using OpenWrt, developing it, and other topics DigitalOcean droplet awstats hauke, jow, thess, tmomas
Git server gitweb Primary OpenWrt source code repositories DigitalOcean droplet gitstats jow, thess
Bug tracker Flyspray The place where bugs and feature requests are tracked DigitalOcean droplet jow, thess
Email ? Handles incoming emails to domain DigitalOcean droplet jow, thess, stintel
Buildbot master Buildbot Coordinates builders Hetzner jow, ynezz
Downloads Hosts all current and released images, SDK, Imagebuilder Hetzner awstats jow, thess
Downloads archive Hosts old OpenWrt images and releases ? wigyori
Sources archive Hosts a copy of sources of all software used in OpenWrt Hetzner jow, thess
Freescout Freescout Facilitates handling of shared mailboxes (testing) DigitalOcean droplet stintel
Mailing lists Mailman Main medium of communication for developers and admin infradead dwmw2
Firmware selector Search and download OpenWrt firmware for your device
Sysupgrade server Online ImageBuilder and upgrade server stats aparcar

We also rely on the following services that are run by external entities:

Service Technology Description Host Liaison
Patch tracking Patchwork Used to track patches sent to the openwrt-devel mailing list Ozlab
Github mirror Github Mirror of OpenWrt repository. Pull-requests are accepted. Github

All services that are managed internally are run on servers devoted to the OpenWrt project, except for mailing lists which run on Infradead servers.

Host Servers Services Admin(s) Expected cost Actual cost Comment
Hetzner ex40 Buildbot master nbd, ? 50 € / month 50 € / month Paid privately
Hetzner sb59 Archive blogic 49.50 € / month 49.50 € / month Paid privately
Hetzner ax61-nvme + 2x 1.92 TB SSD Downloads jow 158.27 € / month 158.27 € / month Paid privately
DigitalOcean 7 droplets (prod) wiki, forum, git, mails… jow, ynezz 237.00 $ / month Free Open source project support

Buildbot workers detect updates to the source and kick off the build process for each supported device.

Host Name Servers Admin(s) Expected cost Actual cost Comment
Hetzner truecz-dock-0[12] 2x XeonE3/32GB/2TB ynezz ? 2×26€ / month Paid privately
OSUOSL osuosl-vm-* 4x OpenStack VM (each 4 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 60 GB disk) zorun, ynezz, jow ~4×80$ / month (AWS or DigitalOcean) Free Open source project support
OSUOSL fsf-dock-* 4x 16C/32T zorun ? Free Open source project support
What Provider Admin(s) Expected cost Actual cost Comment
Domain names Tucows SPI Hostmaster / jow 20-40 € / year Free Held by Tucows on behalf of SPI

There are several buildbot instances: one for master, and one for each release. In addition, there is phase1 to build images, and phase2 to build packages.

  • Each of the Hetzner servers costs about 50 Euros per month, for a total of 150 Euros/month.
  • There is a small annual charge (20-40 Euros) for registering the domain names, etc.
  • As of late 2016, two core team members are personally covering the costs of the Hetzner servers while another core team member picks up the other fees. So far, no one has stepped up to fund the new servers that will be required in the coming months.
  • Other private parties generously donate their time & compute cycles, you know who you are and we thank you.

See the Donations page.

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