OpenWrt/LEDE Project Rules

  1. The only role distinction within the OpenWrt (former LEDE) project is between committers and non-committers, there is no core developer group or other specially privileged members.
  2. All committers have the right to vote and are invited to liberally exercise this voting right in order to keep a broad consensus on project matters.
  3. Project matters, overall development directions etc. are decided by simple majority votes. Votes may be held in different ways like simple yes/no decisions, majority decisions among multiple proposed choices etc.
  4. Committers being unreachable for three months in a row shall get their commit and voting rights revoked in order to retain the ability to do majority votes among the remaining active committers.
  5. There shall be only full commit rights in any case, no partial access or otherwise restricted access to the repositories.
  6. Frequent contributors may become committers after a simple majority agreement among existing committers. Project members are free to suggest suitable people.
  7. Any votes and decisions made will be made public on the project websites.
  8. Project infrastructure should be outsourced FOSS community operated services whenever possible in order to allow project members to focus on actual development efforts.
  9. Any infrastructure that cannot be outsourced and/or is operated by the project itself shall be administrable by at least three different people to reduce the likelyhood of the project getting locked out due to operators being unreachable. Responsible operators for the various services shall be documented publicly.
  10. The project will not offer email accounts under its project domain for privacy and equality reasons.
  11. Changes to these rules require a two third majority among the committers holding voting rights and shall be documented.
  12. Be nice to each other.

Mon, 10 May 2016

Add the rule “Be nice to each other” Agreed in the meeting 9 May 2016

Tue, 5 Apr 2016

Changed wording of the rules and removed typos. Extended infrastructure rule to emphasize the FOSS character of used hosting services, added requirement of documented responsibilities. Agreed upon by 6 of 6 attending and 6 of 8 total people.

Thu, 24 Mar 2016

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