FIXME Identify devices with this installation method and update dataentries accordingly.

BrandModelVersionSupported Current RelInstallation method(s)Comment installationDevice PageDevice Techdata
TP-LinkTL-WR840Nv318.06.9TP-Link TFTPuse tftp rename firmare as wr840nv3_en_tp_recovery.binView/Edit data
TP-LinkArcher C59v221.02.0GUI OEM, TP-Link TFTP, U-Boot TFTP recovery, see git-commitarcher_c59View/Edit data
TP-LinkArcher C6v2 (EU, RU)21.02.0GUI OEM, TP-Link TFTP, see forum, see git-commitNOT FOR US MODEL! A network switch is need to be connected between the router and TFTP server, force 100Mbps FullDuplex connectionarcher_c6_v2View/Edit data
TP-LinkCPE610v121.02.0GUI OEM, TP-Link TFTP, U-Boot TFTP recovery, see git-commitcpe610View/Edit data
TP-LinkTL-MR6400v421.02.0TP-Link TFTPtl-mr6400_v4View/Edit data
TP-LinkTL-WR850Nv121.02.0TP-Link TFTP, U-Boot TFTP recovery, see git-committl-wr850n_v1View/Edit data
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