IPv6 with Hurricane Electric

  • This how-to describes the method for setting up 6in4 tunnel on OpenWrt.
  • It relies on Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel broker and supports both static and dynamic setup.
  • Follow DDNS client to use IPv6 tunnel broker with dynamic address.
  • Provide IPv6 connectivity for LAN clients.
  • Access your LAN services remotely without port forwarding.

You can find instructions for setting a Hurricane Electric tunnel using the LuCI web interface at ipv6tunnel-luci

Register a free account with Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel broker and create a regular tunnel.

Install the required packages. Specify the tunnel configuration parameters. Set up a static IPv6 tunnel.

# Install packages
opkg update
opkg install 6in4
# Configuration parameters
# Fetch WAN IP address
. /lib/functions/network.sh
network_find_wan NET_IF
network_get_ipaddr NET_ADDR "${NET_IF}"
# Configure tunnel
uci -q delete network.wan6
uci set network.wan6="interface"
uci set network.wan6.proto="6in4"
uci set network.wan6.ipaddr="${NET_ADDR}"
uci set network.wan6.peeraddr="${HENET_PEER}"
uci set network.wan6.ip6addr="${HENET_IPV6}"
uci add_list network.wan6.ip6prefix="${HENET_PFX64}"
uci add_list network.wan6.ip6prefix="${HENET_PFX48}"
uci set network.wan6.mtu="${HENET_MTU}"
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart

Use ping6 and traceroute6 to verify you can reach IPv6 services.

ping6 openwrt.org
traceroute6 openwrt.org

Check your internet connectivity.

Collect and analyze the following information.

# Restart services
/etc/init.d/log restart; ifup wan6; sleep 10
# Log and status
logread; ifstatus wan6
# Runtime configuration
ip address show; ip route show table all
ip rule show; iptables-save -c
ip -6 rule show; ip6tables-save -c
# Persistent configuration
uci show network; uci show dhcp; uci show firewall

Reconfigure IPv6 tunnel for dynamic IP address.

# Configuration parameters
# Configure tunnel
uci -q delete network.wan6.ipaddr
uci set network.wan6.tunnelid="${HENET_TUNID}"
uci set network.wan6.username="${HENET_USER}"
uci set network.wan6.updatekey="${HENET_UPKEY}"
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart

Provide the default IPv6 route with source routing disabled.

# Configure network
uci -q delete network.wan6_rt
uci set network.wan6_rt="route6"
uci set network.wan6_rt.interface="wan6"
uci set network.wan6_rt.target="::/0"
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart
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