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Managing packages


  • There are multiple packages available in the OpenWrt package repository.
  • This guide describes how to manage OpenWrt packages via WebUI or CLI.


  • Search, install and remove OpenWrt packages.

Web interface

Log in the system using LuCI and manage packages via WebUI.

  1. Navigate to LuCI → System → Software.
  2. Click Update lists button to fetch a list of available packages.
  3. Fill in Filter field and click Find package button to search for a specific package.
  4. Switch to Available packages tab to show and install available packages.
  5. Switch to Installed packages tab to show and remove installed packages.

Search and install luci-app-* packages if you want to configure services via LuCI.

Command-line interface

Log in the system using SSH and manage packages with Opkg.

Command Description
opkg update Fetch a list of available packages from the OpenWrt package repository
opkg list Display a list of available packages and their descriptions
opkg list | grep -e searchterm Filter the list by a search term in the package name or its description
opkg install packagename Install a package
opkg remove packagename Uninstall a previously installed package
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