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Managing system services

LEDE system is composed of many different programs running all the time called daemons or services.
The default ones are already set up in a standard installation, but you may want to change their configuration or add new ones with packages.

CLI Syntax

service will print a list of available services

service service_name will print a list of available actions for a service

service service_name action will execute that action on that service

Technically speaking, the service command is just a wrapper for initscripts found in /etc/init.d.
The above commands are functionally identical to the following ones (respectively), they are just shorter and easier to remember.
ls /etc/init.d/
/etc/init.d/service_name action

Luci web interface

Click on System, then on Startup to land in the page listing all the available services and buttons to execute actions.


The default actions supported by most services are:

Action Description
start Start the service
stop Stop the service
restart Restart the service
reload Reload configuration files (or restart if that fails)
enable Enable service autostart
disable Disable service autostart

Available services


User Guide

Additional Services

Automation, home automation and similar

Captive Portals (aka splash pages for an open/paid wifi hotspot)

Direct Connect

DDNS (aka Dynamic Domain Name Server)

DNS (aka Domain Name Server)

Downloading and P2P Filesharing

Email server and functionality

Media Server (aka stream media to devices in your local network)

NAS (aka Network Attached Storage)

Network Monitoring

NTP (aka network time synchronization)

Print Server (aka printing over the network)

Proxy server (aka redirect web traffic )

Control your device remotely without direct ssh access

SNMP (aka Simple Network Management Protocol)

SSH (aka secure shell remote access)

UPS (aka Uninterruptible Power Supply)

VoIP (aka Voice over IP protocol)

VPN (aka Virtual Private Network)


Wake On Lan (aka send messages to power up devices connected to ethernet)

Web servers

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