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Managing services


  • There are multiple services running on OpenWrt to perform different tasks.
  • This how-to describes the methods for managing OpenWrt services.


  • Start, stop, restart, enable and disable system services.

Web interface

Manage services using web interface.

  1. Navigate to LuCI → System → Startup.
  2. See the list of all the available services and use buttons to execute actions.

Command-line interface

Manage services using command-line interface. Use the invocation column inside scripts or cron.

Command Invocation Description
service ls /etc/init.d Print a list of available services
service servicename /etc/init.d/servicename Print a list of available actions for a service
service servicename action /etc/init.d/servicename action Execute that action on that service
service servicename action instance /etc/init.d/servicename action instance Execute that action on that service instance, e.g. specific OpenVPN connection

Common actions supported by most services.

Action Description
start Start the service
stop Stop the service
restart Restart the service
reload Reload configuration files or restart if that fails
enable Enable service autostart
disable Disable service autostart
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