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Netgear R6250

Supported Versions

Devices with Broadcom WiFi chipsets have limited OpenWrt supportability (due to limited FLOSS driver availability for Broadcom chips). Consider this when chosing a device to buy, or when deciding to flash OpenWrt on your device because it is listed as supported. See broadcom_wifi for details.

Hardware Highlights

ModelVersionSoCCPU MHzFlash MBRAM MBWLAN HardwareWLAN2.4WLAN5.0100M portsGbit portsModemUSB
R6250Broadcom BCM4708A0800128NAND256Broadcom BCM4360, Broadcom BCM43217b/g/na/n/ac-5-1x 3.0




Instruction set ARM
Vendor Broadcom
bootloader cfe?
System-On-Chip BCM5300 family
CPU @Frq Broadcom BCM4708A0 @?MHz (2 cores)
Flash size 128+2 MiB
Flash Chip
RAM size 256 MiB
RAM Chip
Wireless No1 Broadcom BCM43217 w/ 2×2 MIMO for 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
Wireless No2 Broadcom BCM4360 w/ 3×3 MIMO for 5GHz 802.11a/n/ac
switch Broadcom BCM4708A0 - 4x Gigabit + 1x WAN
Modem none
USB Yes 1 x 3.0
Serial Yes


port.serial general information about the serial port, serial port cable, etc.

How to connect to the Serial Port of this specific device:
Insert photo of PCB with markings for serial port

FIXME Replace EXAMPLE by real values.

Serial connection parameters
for Netgear R6250
EXAMPLE 115200, 8N1


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