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Hardware related information toh (w/o toh:hwdata), docs:techref
Device Status (WIP, unsupported) toh (w/o toh:hwdata)
Page status (WIP) wikiwide
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  • Pages in docs namespace → Create manual overview pages linking to certain topics
  • Pages in toh:hwdata namespace → hardware data already present in dataentries, no need for tagging
  • See Tags
  • Do not create arbitrary new tags, use the existing ones instead, in order to keep the number of different tags low. See All tags used in this wiki which ones are prefered.
  • OEM / Manufacturer names of devices, e.g. Asus, Xiaomi, ... → devicepages are already in appropriate namespaces, no need for tagging
  • Model names, e.g. RT-AC58U. Devices are easily accessible via the wiki search or the ToH. Use wiki internal links where appropriate.

First tag will be the more relevant:

  1. Target, eg: mvebu, bcm63xx, ramips...
  2. SoC or subtarget: armada385, bcm63268, rt3052...
  3. Flash size: 512nand, 32flash, 8flash ...
  4. Mem size: 512ram, 64ram, 32ram...
  5. # Eth Ports: 1port, 2port, 3port, ...
  6. Eth speed: FastEthernet, GigabitEthernet
  7. All other tags


At the end of each wiki page about a device, we should add the appropriate tags.
Simply add the tags space separated like this: {{tag>8flash 64ram USB2.0 1NIC 2WNIC 4port}}

CPU Cores







Ethernet-Standard of SoC and Switch

Internal switch

:!: 8, 16, 32, 64RAM → too little for up to date OpenWrt, see 4/32 warning and 8/64 warning for details.

, , , , , , , , ,

Tags for reference designs of chip manufacturers may be used for fast and easy comparisons: ,

  • = Even though it is possible to build heavily stripped down OpenWrt-image, devices with only 2MB of flash memory will not be officially supported in OpenWrt!
  • = Support for target ubicom32 was removed in r34430, r34431, r34432: “This target is unused, does not support any off the shelf hardware and has been a maintenance burden for quite some time now.”
  • = Currently not supported by OpenWrt, no prebuilt images for downloading available.
Release date: YEAR-MONTH
Chip: this list is longer than that of the drivers: example: AR9100 rt2860 Broadcom4318 etc.
Driver: acx1xx adm8211 agnx airo ar9170usb ar9271 ath5k ath6kl
      ath9k ath9k_htc atmel b43 b43legacy brcm80211 carl9170 hostap
      ipw2100 ipw2200 iwl3945 iwlagn iwmc3200wifi at76c50x-usb mac80211_hwsim
      mwl8k libertas libertas_tf orinoco p54pci p54spi p54usb poldhu prism2_usb
      ray_cs rndis_wlan rt61pci rt73usb rt2400pci rt2500pci rt2500usb rt2800pci
      rt2800usb rtl8180 rtl8187 r8187se r8192e_pci r8712u r8192u_usb
      vt6655 vt6656 winbond wl1251 wl1271 wl3501_cs wlags49_h2 zd1201 zd1211rw
CPU:  M4Kc M14Kc 4KEc M14Kc 24Kc 24KEc 34Kc 74Kc 1004Kc or ARM926EJ-S, IP7100, ...

A non exhaustive list of all available Linux drivers: http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers and much more Information.

See also All tags used in this wiki

TP-Link TL-WR1043ND : {{tag>GigabitEthernet 1NIC 1WNIC 5Port USB 1USB JTAG 802.11bgn ath9k 3Ant DetachableAntenna 32RAM 8Flash MIPS MIPS32 24Kc}}
TP-Link TL-WDR7500  : {{tag>GigabitEthernet 2NIC 2WNIC 5Port MIPS MIPS32 74Kc 128ram 8flash 2usb ap135 qca9558 qca9880 802.11ac 802.11n 802.11g 802.11b 802.11a simultan ath9k ath10k MiniPCIexpress}}
Seagate Dockstar    : {{tag>GigabitEthernet 1NIC 0WNIC no_switch USB 4USB JTAG 128RAM gt32Flash ARM ARMv5 ARM926EJ-S crypto}}

We could add tags to wiki articles, too. For example all articles which are being linked to from this page usb.overview, could contain the tag . Other Tags could be bootloader.

Don't tag wiki articles, create Overview / Collection pages instead. The wiki search can result in a direct link while you are typing, which does not work for tags.

You can search for devices with special tags in different ways:

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