ar71xx is deprecated and has been marked as source only in June 2019. The replacement target for the same hardware is DTS based ath79. See also switch default target from ar71xx to ath79. In August 2020 the ar71xx target has finally been dropped.

Buildbots stopped building ar71xx snapshot images on 17.06.2019 as a consequence of the source-only status. The remaining, old and outdated ar71xx snapshot images have been subsequently removed later.

Release Target(s)
18.06.x (and earlier) ar71xx only
19.07.x ar71xx + ath79
21.02.x (and later) ath79 only

For ar71xx/ath79 devices with 4MB flash and/or 32MB RAM see also 4/32 warning and OpenWrt on 4/32 devices

For ar71xx/ath79 devices with 8MB flash and/or 64MB RAM see also 8/64 warning and OpenWrt on 8/64 devices

  • Use ath79 instead, if available
  • If ath79 is not available for your device, then port it to ath79
  • If you are not able to port it yourself, find someone who is able to do it.
    Support the developer by providing the needed information for porting and by testing development builds.
  • If all that does not work, nail your device on the wall of your living room (as souvenir), use it as paperweight, or just dump it into the appropriate recycling channels.
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Note: This table shows also devices with target ar71xx-ath7. See ar71xx-ath79 and ath79 for more information.

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