ar71xx-ath79 is a dummy target for devices which have been migrated from ar71xxath79. See the respective target page for more information.

  • If target = ar71xx → devices with this target can be found only in in ar71xx
  • If target = ath79 → devices with this target can be found only in ath79
  • If target = ar71xx-ath79 → devices with this target can be found in both, ar71xx and ath79
  • If Unsupported functions = ath79 WIP → incomplete ath79 migration; work in progress
  • If Unsupported functions = <empty> → 100% complete ath79 migration; no manual adjustment of configuration necessary when migrating from ar71xx to ath79

In case your device was previously on the ar71xx target, see Upgrade from ar71xx to ath79 for instructions.

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