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Jonas Gorski
ar7, ar71xx, atheros, brcm47xx, brcm63xx, kirkwood


    • Linksys WAG354G v1
    • RouterBOARD RB/493G
    • Netgear WNR2000 v1
    • Netgear WN2000RPT
    • Ubiquiti Routerstation Pro
    • Abicom AP48
    • Asus WL-500gP v1
    • Netgear WNR2000 v2
    • Linksys E2000
    • BT Homehub 2.0 Type A
    • D-Link DSL-2741B Rev. C2
    • D-Link DSL-2740B Rev. F1
    • SFR Neufbox 4
    • SFR Neufbox 6
    • Telekom Speedport W303 V Type B
    • Telekom Speedport W500 V
    • D-Link DIR-665
    • Seagate Dockstar


  • No target
    • Upstream all the patches (well maybe only the non board ones)
    • add BCM63381 support (no board and no devices with it there yet it seems)
    • add BCM63138/BCM63148 support (no board and no devices with it there yet it seems)
  • DD
    • device tree support for bcm63xx
      • change dtb passing to use UHI interface r46181.
      • add pinmux drivers
      • add generic clock support
      • probe uart through dtb
      • probe spi through dtb
      • probe hsspi through dtb
      • probe b53/spi through dtb
      • probe enet(sw) through dtb
      • probe b53/mdio through dtb
      • probe hw-random through dtb
    • add bcmnand driver
    • switch from generic/smp to generic(smp/6358 and newer)/legacy(6338/6345/6348)
    • fix gigabit phy on BCM63268 family
    • make multi-ext-phy work on enetsw
  • Chaos Calmer
    • device tree support for bcm63xx
      • add booting with appended dtb done
      • use dtb for board detection done
      • load irq controllers from dtb done
      • load gpio controllers from dtb done
      • add dtbs for all boards done
    • Add support for BCM6318 done
    • Add support for BCM63168/63268 done
    • Integrate Noltari's sprom patches done
  • Barrier Braker
    • Add b53 broadcom switch driver and integrate into bcm63xx done
    • Add bcm63xx internal switch support to b53 done
    • Update ZNC to 1.0 done
  • Attitude Adjustment
    • Add support for BCM6328
    • Add support for BCM6362
    • Add support for BCM6368
  • No target milestone
    • Add support for the integrated crypro processor in BCM6362/68/268
    • Add support for the integrated wifi in BCM6362/268
    • Add dual core SMP support
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