OpenWrt on 8/64 devices

You have a device with 8MB flash and/or 64MB RAM.
You have read and understood the 8/64 warning.
You have adjusted your expectations according to this warning.
You still want to install OpenWrt on your 8/64 device for

  • training purposes only (soldering, OpenWrt, Linux in general); if it breaks, it breaks, it's no loss.
  • basic, low level routing functions only

Now you are asking: What can I do?

Find answers below.

See also Security for the latest and fully supported OpenWrt version.

Choose the OpenWrt version according to your needs for maintenance releases and security fixes.

  • 15.05
    • No. EoL, unmaintained, no security fixes since 2016. Don't even think about it.
  • 17.01
    • No. EoL, unmaintained. Has known security flaws as of November 2019 that will not be patched.
  • 18.06
    • No. EoL, unmaintained.
  • 19.07
    • No. EoL, unmaintained.
    • Offers “ath79” target as “ar71xx” target has been deprecated
  • 21.02
    • No. EoL, unmaintained.
    • Not likely viable for 4 MB flash devices
  • 22.03
    • Not likely viable for 4 MB flash devices

How can I work around the 8 MB flash issue?

  • build your own image 18.06/19.07 image with all possible space saving measures, or...
  • ...use extroot (only if USB available)
    • no flash problems any more
    • “infinite”1) storage space available
    • install all the packages of the world, if you like
    • BUT: It's kind of pointless to have a bunch of large packages (VPN, etc.) stored in extroot, but no RAM to run them on.

Why should I build my own image rather than installing packages?

Building your own image compresses the packages you need to about half the size compared to installing them after you flash.

How can I work around the 64 MB RAM issue?

  • Don't use LuCI (will not work at all, or will be terribly slow, or will crash due to OOM)
  • Don't use RAM hungry applications (will not work at all, or will be terribly slow, or will crash due to OOM)

Add links to forum topics here that deal with 8/64 specific flash/RAM issues. Preferrably link to topics that have a solution for these issues.

  • ...add forum link here ...
  • ...

Check out the community Builds section of the forum. Maybe someone created a special build which takes care of the 8/64 specific issues.

4GB USB stick instead of 8MB built-in flash can be considered as infinite.
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