Tor extras

  • This how-to describes the most common Tor tuning scenarios adapted for OpenWrt.
  • Follow Tor client for client setup.
  • Follow Random generator to overcome low entropy issues.

Exclude dubious exit nodes by their country code.

# Install packages
opkg update
opkg install tor-geoip
# Exclude exit nodes
cat << EOF >> /etc/tor/custom
ExcludeExitNodes {??}, {by}, {kz}, {ru}, {ua}
/etc/init.d/tor restart

Allow remote access to the router with Tor onion services. Beware of security issues.

# Enable Tor onion service
cat << EOF >> /etc/tor/custom
HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service
HiddenServicePort 22
/etc/init.d/tor restart
# Fetch onion service hostname
cat /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname

Enable authorization for improved security. See details for v3 key generation. Also see forum post.

Enable Tor socks proxy.

# Enable Tor socks proxy
cat << EOF >> /etc/tor/custom
SOCKSPort [::]:9050
/etc/init.d/tor restart

Route only specific domains to Tor network. Configure IP sets for Tor destinations. Allow forwarding for non-Tor destinations. Selectively resolve domains with DNS over Tor.

# Install packages
opkg update
opkg install ipset
# Configure IP sets
uci set firewall.tcp_int.ipset="tor dest"
uci -q delete firewall.tor
uci set firewall.tor="ipset"
uci set"tor"
uci set"ipv4"
uci set"hash"
uci set firewall.tor.match="net"
uci add_list firewall.tor.entry=""
uci -q delete firewall.tor6
uci set firewall.tor6="ipset"
uci set"tor6"
uci set"ipv6"
uci set"hash"
uci set firewall.tor6.match="net"
uci add_list firewall.tor6.entry="fc00::/7"
# Allow forwarding for non-Tor destinations
uci -q delete firewall.lan_fwd
uci set firewall.lan_fwd="rule"
uci set"Allow-NonTor-Forward"
uci set firewall.lan_fwd.src="lan"
uci set firewall.lan_fwd.dest="wan"
uci set firewall.lan_fwd.proto="all"
uci set"ipv4"
uci set firewall.lan_fwd.ipset="!tor dest"
uci set"ACCEPT"
uci -q delete firewall.lan6_fwd
uci set firewall.lan6_fwd="rule"
uci set"Allow-NonTor-Forward"
uci set firewall.lan6_fwd.src="lan"
uci set firewall.lan6_fwd.dest="wan"
uci set firewall.lan6_fwd.proto="all"
uci set"ipv6"
uci set firewall.lan6_fwd.ipset="!tor6 dest"
uci set"ACCEPT"
uci commit firewall
/etc/init.d/firewall restart
# Configure Tor-routed domains
uci -q delete dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].noresolv
uci -q delete dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].server
uci add_list dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].server="/onion/"
uci add_list dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].server="/"
uci add_list dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].server="/"
uci commit dhcp
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

Automated Tor client installation.

alias uclient-fetch="uclient-fetch --no-check-certificate"
cat << EOF >
$(uclient-fetch -O - "${URL}/client?codeblock=0")
$(uclient-fetch -O - "${URL}/client?codeblock=1")
$(uclient-fetch -O - "${URL}/client?codeblock=2")
$(uclient-fetch -O - "${URL}/client?codeblock=3")
$(uclient-fetch -O - "${URL}/client?codeblock=4")
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