VTech IAD505

Known as 012 Smartbox / Orange Smartbox / Partner Smartbox

This device is not supported yet

CPU Ram Flash Switch Ethernet WLAN Hardware WLAN USB Modem SLIC POTS Serial JTag
Lantiq XWAY VRX200 128MB 64MB Lantiq PHY11G 4 x 100Mbts Lantiq XWAY300 x 2* abgn 2 x 3.0 Lantiq XWAY VRX208 Lantiq XWAY SLIC120 2x FXS Yes

*1 x 2.4Ghz + 1 x 5Ghz

Architecture MIPS
Vendor Lantiq
bootloader U-Boot
System-On-Chip Lantiq XWAY VRX200
CPU/Speed 34KEc, 500MHz(?)
Flash-Chip Toshiba X8319(TC58DVM92A00(?))*
Flash size 64 MiB
Flash type E2PROM
RAM-Chip EtronTech EM68C16CWVB-25H
RAM/Speed DDR2, 800Mhz(?)
RAM size 128 MiB
Wireless Lantiq XWAY300 (PSB 8221 EL v1.1 + PSB 8231 EL v1.1)
Wireless PHYs 2.4ghz + 5Ghz 802.11abgn 3T3R PCI + PCIe
SLIC Lantiq SLIC120 (PEF 42068 V v1.2)
Ethernet Lantiq PHY11G (PEF7071 V v1.5)
Ethernet PHYs 4 x 100Mbt
Modem Lantiq XWAY VRX208 (PSB 80190 V v1.1)
Internet VDSL2
USB Yes, 2 x USB3.0
Serial Yes

*moriel5: The exact model is obscured by a label that is adhered to the IC on my unit, so basing this upon existing picture.

Serial on the top middle, pins are as marked in the left photo, highlighted in red ( ignore soldered on pin headers ). Serial Baud rate is 115200, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and no parity. Flow control is RTS/CTS.

UBoot requires a password.

moriel5: I have slightly less blurry pictures that I took, however the lighting is bad, so I'll retake and then upload them.

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