Ubiquiti Bullet AC

The Ubiquiti Bullet AC is a dual band 2.4/5GHz AC outdoor PoE CPE with 1 GbE ports.

  1. Ensure firmware version v8.7.0 is installed. Up/downgrade to this exact version.
  2. Patch fwupdate.real binary using:
    hexdump -Cv /bin/ubntbox | sed 's/14 40 fe 27/00 00 00 00/g' | hexdump -R > /tmp/fwupdate.real
  3. Make the patched fwupdate.real binary executable using:
    chmod +x /tmp/fwupdate.real
  4. Copy the squashfs factory image to /tmp on the device
  5. Flash OpenWrt using:
    /tmp/fwupdate.real -m <squashfs-factory image>
  6. Wait for the device to reboot

(copied from Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC and modified)

  1. Connect serial console (115200 baud)
  2. Connect ethernet to a network with a TFTP server, through a passive PoE injector.
  3. Press a key to obtain a u-boot prompt
  4. Set your TFTP server's ip address, with:
    setenv serverip <tftp-server-address>
  5. Set the Bullet AC's ip address, with:
    setenv ipaddr <bullet-ac-address>
  6. Set the boot file, with:
    setenv bootfile <name-of-initramfs-binary-on-tftp-server>
  7. Fetch the binary with tftp:
  8. Boot the initramfs binary:
  9. From the initramfs, fetch the sysupgrade binary, and flash it with sysupgrade.
Architecture MIPS
Vendor Ubiquiti
Bootloader U-Boot
System-On-Chip Atheros AR9342 - MIPS 74Kc V4.12
CPU/Speed 535 MHz
Flash-Chip SPI NOR
Flash size 16
RAM 64 MiB
Wireless Atheros AR9342 & Qualcomm/Atheros QCA988X
Ethernet 1x GbE
USB None
Serial Yes

FIXME To open the case depress the latch on the back of the unit and slide out the PCB assembly.

port.serial general information about the serial port, serial port cable, etc.

How to connect to the Serial Port of this specific device:

Serial connection parameters
for Ubiquiti Bullet AC
115200, 8N1

port.jtag general information about the JTAG port, JTAG cable, etc.

How to connect to the JTAG Port of this specific device:
Insert photo of PCB with markings for JTAG port

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