Qxwlan E1700AC V2

First version of these boards are using different mtd layout, with ART data at the end. You should not use v2 images on v1 board because it will result in lost of ART data!

Flash instruction (using U-Boot CLI and tftp server):

  1. Configure PC with static IP and tftp server.
  2. Rename ...sysupgrade.bin filename to firmware.bin and place it in tftp server directory.
  3. Connect PC with one of RJ45 ports, power up the board and press “enter” key to access U-Boot CLI.
  4. Use the following command to update the device to OpenWrt: “run lfw”.

Flash instruction (using U-Boot web-based recovery):

  1. Configure PC with static IP 192.168.1.xxx(2-254).
  2. Connect PC with one of RJ45 ports, press the reset button, power up the board and keep button pressed for around 6-7 seconds, until LEDs start flashing.
  3. Open your browser and enter, select “sysupgrade” image and click the upgrade button.
U-Boot 1.1.4 (Jun 27 2018 - 11:25:54)                                
E1700AC (QCA956X) U-Boot                                                       
DRAM:  16bit ddr2 128 MB                                                                                                   
FLASH:  Winbond W25Q128 (16 MB)                                                 
LED on during eth initialization...                                             
eth0 up                                                                         
Setting 0x181162c0 to 0xb2d02100                                                
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0                                                
m25p80 spi0.0: found w25q128, expected m25p80
m25p80 spi0.0: w25q128 (16384 Kbytes)
7 cmdlinepart partitions found on MTD device spi0.0
Partition Start End Size Erasesize Name
mtd0 0x000000000000 0x000000040000 0x00040000 0x00010000 u-boot
mtd1 0x000000040000 0x000000050000 0x00010000 0x00010000 u-boot-env
mtd2 0x000000050000 0x000000060000 0x00010000 0x00010000 pri-data
mtd3 0x000000060000 0x000000070000 0x00010000 0x00010000 art
mtd4 0x000000700000 0x0000001D0000 0x00160000 0x00010000 kernel
mtd5 0x0000001D0000 0x000001000000 0x00e30000 0x00010000 rootfs
mtd6 0x000000070000 0x000001000000 0x00F90000 0x00010000 firmware
Architecture MIPS
bootloader web u-boot
System-On-Chip QCA9563 + QCA9880 + QCA8334
CPU/Speed MIPS24Kc 750 MHz
Flash size 16 MB NOR-Flash
Wireless WiFi g/n with QCA9563, WiFi 11ac with QCA9880
Ethernet 2x 10/100/1000 Base-T(X) (one port support POE)
Antenna 3T3R 2.4 GHz 3T3R 5 GHz (3T3R 2.4/5 GHz) UFL*9
USB 1x 2.0 (host), 1x miniUSB (slave)
PCIE 1x miniPCIE
SIM 1x microSIM slot
Serial YES (via miniUSB or RS232 (soldering needed))
LED Standard Ethernet LED's, WIFI LED
Hardware buttons reset button
Power 1x DC jack for main power input (9-48 V)
Board Size 140 x 102 x 10mm (L x W x H)
  • 750/400/250 MHz (CPU/DDR/AHB)
  • 128 MB of RAM (DDR2)
  • 8/16 MB of FLASH (SPI NOR)
  • 3T3R 2.4 GHz (QCA9563) with external FEM (SKY85309-11)
  • 3T3R 5 GHz (QCA9880) with external FEM (SKY85728-11)
  • 2x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet (one port with PoE support)
  • 1x miniPCIe slot (USB 2.0 bus only)
  • 5x LED (4 driven by GPIO)
  • 1x 2-pos switch
  • UART (J5) and LEDs (J13) headers on PCB

Serial connection settings: 115200 8N1, no hardware flow control.

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