pcDuino 8 / Arches

The board is more or less a copycat of the Merrii A80 Optimus board, with the difference that this one has NAND, instead of Optimus's eMMC. The board also goes by the alias of “Arches”, above the original PCDuino 8 name.

WARNING: the PcDuino8-Uno and the PcDuino8-STB are H8-based boards, which is not supported yet.

Model Ports
pcDuino8 2x USB, 1x 10/100/1000 ethernet, MMC, 8GB NAND, HDMI, sound

The board is available from various vendors, including the manufacturer itself, see here for pcDuino v3.

Further details on the board: http://linux-sunxi.org/Pcduino8_A80_Board

You can use your usual serial levelshifter. Pinout is:

{GPIO pins}

       GND  GND  VCC RX TX
        o   o   o   o   o 

If in doubt, refer to the Merrii A80 board (yes, the difference between the Merrii and the Linksprite board is the eMMC/NAND, and the white colouring of the board :P )

Please refer to soc.allwinner.sunxi.


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