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Linksys WAG54G

Not recommended for future use with OpenWrt due to low flash/ram.
Limitations in extensibility and stability of operation are to be expected.
See 432_warning for details.

The Linksys WAG54G is an ADSL gateway with wireless acccess point integrated.

Supported Versions

Version/Model SoC S/N OpenWrt Version Supported Model Specific Notes
WAG54Gv1 ARM940L N/A Not Supported
WAG54Gv1.1 BCM6348 N/A Backfire 10.03.1 No ADSL, ethernet & wireless only
WAG54Gv1.2 S3C2510A01 N/A Not Supported
WAG54Gv2 TNETD7300 N/A Backfire (See #3124 and #9192) Code Pattern: WA21
WAG54Gv3 TNETD7200 N/A unknown Code Pattern: WAA2

Samsung Platform

v1 Info

Architecture ARM
Vendor Samsung
Bootloader ?
System-On-Chip S3C2510A01 (ARM940L)
CPU Speed 166Mhz
Flash-Chip ?
Flash size ?
RAM Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 64Mbit (8MB) SDRAM
Wireless Linksys WET54GM2 Wireless-G CardBus Module
Ethernet Infineon/ADMTek ADM6996L
Serial ?


Broadcom Platform

v1.1 Info

Architecture MIPS
Vendor Broadcom
Bootloader CFE 1.0.37-5.11
System-On-Chip BCM6348
CPU Speed 240Mhz
Flash-Chip MX29LV320
Flash size 4Mb
RAM ESMT12L8216 64Mbit (8MB) SDRAM x2
Wireless Broadcom BCM4318 soldered to board
Ethernet Broadcom BCM5325 ?
Serial Via mod
JTAG Via mod

This appears to be based on a Broadcom reference design, as all the chips were made by them.


Case is held together with 4 screws under the rubber feet.

Inside, note grey side wall is attached to the aerial

There is a 3.3v serial header near the front, behind the LED's marked J503


  [x]    (x)    (x)    (x)
  Gnd    TxD    3.3V   RxD


Attach a serial cable and an ethernet cable to the router, connect both to a PC/Linux box with a tftp server in.

Download the generic flash image:

Note: you can try later versions, but low RAM size on this device may cause trouble

Set the address of the tftp to (static IP), start a terminal on the serial at 115200 8n1

power up the router and hit a key when prompted to interrupt CFE

now enter:

flashimage openwrt-96348GW-generic-squashfs-cfe.bin

to flash the device.

On reboot you can now configure your router through LuCi.


There is a JTAG connector next to the serial - pinout unknown.

The device has a button marked “Secure Easy Setup” with a LED behind it. This is currently ignored

Lack of a FOSS driver prevents the ADSL from being used.

TI Platform

v2 Info

Architecture MIPS
Vendor Texas Instruments
Bootloader Adam2
System-On-Chip TI TNETD7300GDU (AR7WRD) Single Chip Network Processor/AFE/Line Driver
CPU Speed MIPS 4KEc V4.8 @ 150 MHz
Flash-Chip AMD AM29LV320DT-90EI 32Mbit (4MB) FLASH ROM
Flash size 4 MiB
RAM EtronTech EM639165TS-7 128Mbit (16MB) SDRAM
Wireless TI TNETW1130GVF 802.11b/g Wireless MiniPCI Card [TI ACX111 (vlynq)]
Ethernet Infineon/ADMTek ADM6996L 6 port 10/100 Mb/s (4 ports usable)
Serial Yes

This is essentially the same unit as the AG241v2, except for the wireless controller.

Opening the case


|    __
|   |  |	<- Pin 1, GND
|    --
|   |  |	<- Pin 2, Not Connected
|    --
|   |  |	<- Pin 3, Router's Serial RX
|    --
|   |  |	<- Pin 4, Router's Serial TX
|    --
|   |  |	<- Pin 5, VCC
|    --
 		Front of WAG54G

NOTE: You cannot plug directly those pins to your pc serial port. You need a RS232-TTL level adapter, see port.serial.


The settings for the serial console are “38400 bauds, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit (38400 8N1)”, with hardware and software flow control both disabled.


The default network configuration is:

Interface Name Description Default configuration
br-lan LAN & WiFi
eth0 LAN ports (1 to 4) None
eth1 Unknown Disabled
wlan0 Wireless Disabled

v3 Info

Architecture MIPS
Vendor Texas Instruments
Bootloader Adam2
System-On-Chip Ti TNETD7200ZDW (AR7W)
CPU Speed
Flash-Chip Intel JS28F640J3D75
Flash size 8 MiB
RAM size 256Mbit (32MB)
Wireless Ti TNETW1350A
Ethernet Infineon/ADMTek ADM6996L
Serial Yes

This is essentially the same unit as the AG300, except for the wireless controller.


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