HiWiFi/Gee HC5661/HC5761/HC5861

Generally speaking, there is NO easy way to install OpenWrt on HiWiFi 5661/5761 devices manufactured after middle 2014, since then HiWiFi locked the U-Boot to accept factory firmware images only. To determine whether the U-boot is locked, look at the stock firmware version number.

Version Status
below 0.9005 Unlocked
0.9005 - 0.9006 Locked but can workaround
0.9007 + Locked
  • For unlocked u-boot, flash the firmware via tftp.
  • For versions between 0.9005 and 0.9006, download http://www.iptvfans.cn/hiwifi/HC5661-9005-downgrade-ssh.zip, unpack and flash the image via tftp. This is a factory image with SSH enabled, login with root:admin and flash OpenWrt with sysupgrade.
  • For locked u-boot, you have to follow HiWiFi's official unlocking procedure. Unfortunately, most steps require some knowledge about Chinese language..

If you live in China, with a Chinese cellphone number.

  1. Register a HiWiFi account at www.hiwifi.com, and add your cellphone number to the account
  2. Bind your device to the account, login into app.hiwifi.com. At the bottom of the router information page, there is an “Advanced” section, clicked and choose to enable “Developer Mode”
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. When “Developer Mode” is enabled, go to the app market, there is now a “Developer Mode” app in the marked, install it, and you get a working SSH on port 1022
0x000000000000-0x000000030000 : "u-boot"
0x000000030000-0x000000040000 : "hw_panic"
0x000000040000-0x000000050000 : "Factory"
0x000000050000-0x0000001b0000 : "kernel"
0x0000001b0000-0x000000fd0000 : "rootfs"
0x000000ce0000-0x000000fd0000 : "rootfs_data"
0x000000fd0000-0x000000fe0000 : "hwf_config"
0x000000fe0000-0x000000ff0000 : "bdinfo"
0x000000ff0000-0x000001000000 : "backup"
0x000000050000-0x000000fd0000 : "firmware"

Specific values needed for tftp

FIXME Enter values for “FILL-IN” below

Bootloader tftp server IPv4 address FILL-IN
Bootloader MAC address (special) FILL-IN
Firmware tftp image Latest OpenWrt release (NOTE: Name must contain “tftp”)
TFTP transfer window FILL-IN seconds
TFTP window start approximately FILL-IN seconds after power on
TFTP client required IP address FILL-IN


FIXME These are generic instructions. Update with your router's specifics.

If you don't have a GUI (LuCI) available, you can alternatively upgrade via the command line. There are two command line methods for upgrading:

  • sysupgrade
  • mtd

Note: It is important that you put the firmware image into the ramdisk (/tmp) before you start flashing.


  • Login as root via SSH on, then enter the following commands:
cd /tmp
wget http://http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/XXX/xxx.abc
sysupgrade /tmp/xxx.abc


If sysupgrade does not support this router, use mtd.

  • Login as root via SSH on, then enter the following commands:
cd /tmp
wget http://http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/XXX/xxx.abc
mtd write /tmp/xxx.abc linux && reboot

Basic configuration After flashing, proceed with this.
Set up your Internet connection, configure wireless, configure USB port, etc.

The default network configuration is:

Interface Name Description Default configuration
br-lan LAN & WiFi
vlan0 (eth0.1) LAN ports (1 to 4) None
vlan1 (eth0.2) WAN port DHCP
wlan0 WiFi Disabled

Note: OpenWrt's support for MT762X switch is incomplete, tagging doesn't work, the ports are always in access mode.

Port Switch port
Internet (WAN) 1
LAN 1 2
LAN 2 3
LAN 3 4
LAN 4 5
CPU port 0

hardware.button on howto use and configure the hardware button(s). Here, we merely name the buttons, so we can use them in the above Howto.

The HiWiFi/Gee HC5661 has the following buttons:

Reset reset

Insert photo of front of the casing

Insert photo of back of the casing

Backside label:
Insert photo of backside label

Note: This will void your warranty!

FIXME Describe what needs to be done to open the device, e.g. remove rubber feet, adhesive labels, screws, ...

  • To remove the cover and open the device, do a/b/c

Main PCB:
Insert photo of PCB

port.serial general information about the serial port, serial port cable, etc.

How to connect to the Serial Port of this specific device:
Insert photo of PCB with markings for serial port

FIXME Replace EXAMPLE by real values.

Serial connection parameters
for HiWiFi/Gee HC5661
EXAMPLE 115200, 8N1



Space for additional notes, links to forum threads or other resources, ...

  • ...

How to add tags

FIXME Adjust the list of tags below to this device, then remove this fixme.

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