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BT HomeHub 4.0 Type A

Following the sad closure of, all members of the BT Home Hub Openwrt community are now encouraged to join in ongoing development efforts, concentrated on the Home Hub 4A, at

OpenWrt support

Not supported.



Architecture MIPS
Vendor Lantiq
bootloader U-Boot
System-On-Chip Lantiq Xway ARX368 PSB 50368 EL (MIPS 34Kc)
CPU/Speed 500 MHz
NOR Flash n/a
NAND Flash 128MiB Samsung K9F1G08U0D
RAM Chip ESMT M14D1G1664A 2.5B
RAM Specs DDR2 128MiB @ 250 MHz
Wireless Lantiq WAVE 300 FIXME
Ethernet 1x external 10/100/1000 XWAY PEF7071 via RGMII for WAN
1x internal 10/100/1000 PHY for LAN4
3x internal 10/100 PHY for LAN1-3)
Switch FIXME
USB 1x USB 2.0
Serial Yes
GPIO Buttons WPS, Restart and Reset buttons
Power External 12V 1.5A



Removing the heatspreader is not required for accessing the RX/TX/boot_sel pins.
However, soldering to SMD solder points is required.

Resistor number Function Info
unmarked Serial TX above R322 (left circle in the image)
unmarked Serial RX below the C196 and C194 markings (right circle in the image)
R158 boot_sel2 Solder to the top pad

Serial uses Baud rate 115200.

To boot via UART you need to pull boot_sel2 (results in CFG 0x4) to GND.


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