OpenWrt IRC Contact

Following a vote among project members on May 26th 2021, it has been decided to move OpenWrt's official IRC presence to the OFTC network.

To learn about how to connect or register on OFTC, refer to the network's homepage at

The following official channels are operated by OpenWrt:

The #openwrt channel is the general place for anything related OpenWrt. It is the best place for asking questions about configuration, compatibility or other aspects related to the use of OpenWrt firmware.

The #openwrt-devel channel is targeted at developers and intended for development related questions, such as device porting, packaging, upstreaming efforts and so on.

The #openwrt-adm channel is a place for project staff to coordinate administrative topics, infrastructure maintenance and policies.

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  • Last modified: 2022/07/05 11:58
  • by zorun