Wake on LAN configuration

The configuration file /etc/config/wol is provided by the wol package and defines hosts to wake when starting the /etc/init.d/wol init script. An alternative opkg-package is etherwake

Please see /etc/crontabs/root to configure crond.

There is only one section type wol-target defined for the configuration. Multiple wake on lan targets may exist in the file.

A wol-target section defines the parameters the wol utility is started with. The init script will start one instance of wol for each section of this type.

Below is a listing of the parameters defined for this section.

Name Type Required Default Description
mac MAC address yes (none) Specifies the MAC address of the host to wake
broadcast IPv4 address or hostname no Specifies the target address magic packets are broadcasted to
port integer no 40000 Specifies the UDP destination port for magic packets
password string no (none) Send given SecureON password when waking the host
enabled boolean no 1 Don't start wol for this section if set to 0

Example entry to wake a host with the MAC address 00:06:29:4f:e4:b6 in the subnet:

config wol-target
	option mac         '00:06:29:4f:e4:b6'
	option broadcast   ''
	option enabled     '1'

If wol does not work, the etherwake package can be used instead. To wake a host on boot, and put the following command into /etc/rc.local:

etherwake 00:0f:3d:ce:ef:ee

This would wake the host with the MAC address 00:0f:3d:ce:ef:ee.

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