System configuration not handled by UCI

A lot of stuff can (and therefore should be) configured with uci via any of its interfaces. This page concerns itself with everything built into OpenWrt that cannot be configured with UCI. Note that most third party applications, installed with opkg or otherwise, typically also have their own configuration methods. Users experienced with GNU/Linux distribution will know all of this by heart. For beginners this should be useful.

Configuration Description
/etc/banner Login welcome banner.
/etc/crontabs See: Cron
/etc/dnsmasq.conf See: Dnsmasq
/etc/ethers See: Dnsmasq
/etc/firewall.user See: Firewall
/etc/fstab A symlink to /tmp/fstab which is being created and configured by UCI in /etc/config/fstab.
/etc/fw_env.config See: uboot.config
/etc/group This is an ASCII file which defines the groups to which users belong to.
/etc/hosts See: Dnsmasq
/etc/hotplug.d See: Hotplug
/etc/init.d/rcS Executed by init every boot.
/etc/inittab inittab examples
/etc/iproute2/rt_tables Routing tables configuration. See: iproute2
/etc/mtab filesystems, flash.layout, procfs, sysfs, devpts
/etc/opkg.conf See: Opkg
/etc/preinit In OpenWrt the Kernel is executed by the bootloader with the option init=/etc/preinit (instead of the usual init=/sbin/init). So the Kernel executes /etc/preinit. See: process.boot
/etc/rc.common Part of the Shebang (Unix) of many shell scripts in /etc/init.d. It checks the start scripts for mistakes. E.g. since R27797 it checks whether “start” and “stop” are defined.
/etc/rc.local This file gets executed by /etc/rc.d/S95done on every boot up. You should treat this file as a shell script.
/etc/resolv.conf A symlink to /tmp/resolv.conf.
/etc/sysctl.conf /etc/sysctl.conf gets called every boot up by /etc/rc.d/S99sysctl.
/etc/sysupgrade.conf This file contains files and directories that should be preserved during an upgrade. See: Sysupgrade
/etc/TZ A symlink to /tmp/TZ which is being created and configured with UCI in /etc/config/system
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