Horst is a small, lightweight IEEE802.11 wireless LAN analyzer with a text interface. See README and Homepage of Horst.

With opkg:

opkg update
opkg install horst
  1. As a newcomer, please consult wireless.overview. It is written for you!
  2. If your wireless drivers support it, use either /etc/config/wireless or wireless.utilities to put your WNIC into monitor mode then start horst on the default interface (wlan0):
    iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor channel X
  3. Or with newer mac80211 drivers you can use the “modern” way, using ‘iw’ to add a monitor interface while you can continue to use the existing interface:
    iw dev wlan0 interface add mon0 type monitor
    horst -i mon0
  4. To use the client/server mode you can start a server (-q without a user interface) with
    horst -i wlan0 -C -q
  5. and connect a client with
    horst -c IP

    Only one client is allowed at a time!

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