RSN preauthentication

First go read:


  • More than one AP
  • All APs on the same SSID
  • All APs on the same network
  • Radius server installed available and on the same network

For the wireless configuration here is an example on /etc/config/wireless :

config wifi-device  radio0
        option type     mac80211
        option channel  6
        option macaddr  00:03:7f:47:20:a5
        option hwmode   11g
        option htmode   HT20
        list ht_capab   LDPC
        list ht_capab   SHORT-GI-20
        list ht_capab   SHORT-GI-40
        list ht_capab   TX-STBC
        list ht_capab   RX-STBC1
        list ht_capab   DSSS_CCK-40

config wifi-iface
        option device           radio0
        option network          lan
        option mode             ap
        option ssid             mcgrof-ap136-01
        option encryption       wpa2+ccmp
        option server 
        option port             1812
        option key              testing123
        option rsn_preauth      1
        option wpa_group_rekey  2000
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  • Last modified: 2021/06/06 00:09
  • by nicklowe