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Web GUI Sysupgrade: The "Keep settings" checkbox

The “Keep settings” checkbox is a more advanced feature.
If you do not precisely understand the button's use cases, uncheck “Keep Settings” every time you flash a new LEDE sysupgrade to your device, to not preserve settings.

  • Only check the “Keep settings” checkbox on minor LEDE→LEDE bug fix upgrades that are known to not change the config structure
  • Only use it for the same firmware channel (release→release, snapshot→snapshot)
  • Checking it will preserve several specific config files on the upgrade, but not the whole overlay partition.
  • If you flash your device regularly, preferably consider unchecking “Keep Settings” every time you flash the router and instead create a custom installation script for your customization. Example: script.
  • “Keep settings” can also be used to preserve own configurations files. To do, go to System > Backup/Flash Firmware and open the Configuration tab, add your config filesthere and click “Submit”. This will allow you to add your custom configuration files to the /etc/sysupgrade.conf file that is read by sysupgrade when it is backing up files. Click “Submit” when done editing.
    To view all files that would be kept when “keep settings” is checked, click the “Open list…” button.

Despite the warnings on this page, keeping settings in sysupgrade works for most of times. 8-)

  • Cautiousness is mostly needed with major version upgrades, e.g. from 15.05 to 17.01, or from 15.05 to 18.06 etc.
  • It is possible that settings change critically inside a release branch, but that is rare
  • Settings can change mote often inside the master, the bleeding edge development branch, but by using that you are intentionally taking the risk in any case by using master snapshots. But even with master, the settings change only rarely.
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