Register yourself in the wiki

It was easy to register yourself in the OpenWrt wiki before spam attacks started. The registration is manual now, please contact OpenWrt staff via the OpenWrt forum or IRC to apply for a wiki account.

After registering, and before editing wikipages, you should take a look at the following pages:

  1. See Dokuwiki Syntax Tutorial for available markup commands for basic formatting, links, sectioning, lists, tables etc., and installed syntax plugins. You can try them out in the Playground Page!
  2. See Wiki contribution guide for the guidelines to follow when writing articles.
    • advice regarding naming, quality and size of pictures including good/bad examples.
    • how to upload the pictures to the wiki.

In case of questions, please ask in Talk about documentation in the OpenWrt forum.

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  • Last modified: 2021/09/04 09:02
  • by tmomas