T-Com Speedport W724V Typ B

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SOC 1 XWAY™ VRX288 PSB 80920 EL lantiq
Flash 1 1Gbit MX30LF1G08AA MXIC
WLAN B/G/N 1 BCM43222KFBG broadcom
WLAN AC 1 BCM4360KMLG broadcom
LAN 3 PEF7071V V1.5 lantiq
Dect 1 COSIC™-Modem PMB9643V V2.0 lantiq
Modem 1 XWAY™ VRX208 PSB 80190 V V1.1 lantiq
Analog telephone ports 2 XWAY™ SLIC120 PEF 42068 V V1.2 lantiq
Serial Port YES
Power 12 VDC, 2.5 A

I have made several more photos of the router's mainboard. See here: Pictures of T-Com devices

As most of the other Latiq devices, this one has a resistor to set the bootmode, too. The resistor to unsolder is R138. It is on the back of the board under the big shielding.

port.serial general information about the serial port, serial port cable, etc.

J14 is located right to the big holed plate in the front middle of the board Pin 1 is marked by an arrow.

Pin use
3 RX
2 TX
1 Vcc 3.3V

Serial connection parameters: 115200, 8N1

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