T-Home Speedport W 502V

The T-Home Speedport W 502V is a IAD sold by T-Com with a ADSL2+ Annex A/B Modem, 11g Wifi and two FXS ports as well as a S0 bus connector.

SoC Infineon PSB 50702 E V1.3 DANUBE XWAY DANUBE + passive heatsink
Status Trunk
target Lantiq
CPU MIPS 24KEc network processor 32-bit, 333 or 425 MHz
RAM Qimonda HYB25DC256160CE-6 32 MiB
Flash 4 MiB
Ethernet ICplus IP101A 10/100 Mbit/s
WLAN Atheros AR2417-AL1E b/g, 2 antennas (1 internal, 1 external)
ISDN Infineon, UMEC ... untested
POTS untested
Serial Port yes details below
JTAG no supported by SoC but no soldering pads
USB no supported by SoC but no soldering pads
Power external 15V 1.2A
  • internal, onboard
  • 3.3V TTL
  • 2×5 solder points
  • Pin 1 marked with small arrow and white dot
5 4 3 2 1
VCC o o o o
10 9 8 7 6
  • 115200 bps 8N1
  • No flow control


bootloader brnboot

Build from trunk as the latest release branch 'backfire' doesn't have the build target files. For more information about building see the build documentation.

Turn on device with reset and wlan buttons held, it should boot up into the recovery bootloader, running http on Use the recovery bootloader to upload and flash openwrt-lantiq-danube-ARV4525PW-BRNDTW502-brnImage.

During flashing it will show “Processing, please wait........”. IMPORTANT: After a 1-2 minute timeout the page will reload itself and fail to establish the connection since it is still be busy flashing. Flashing is finished when the recovery bootloader is accessible again. Once this is done, reboot the device and it should boot OpenWRT, which you can configure using telnet to

Due to issues with the brnboot flash layout and the dsl firmware size, you may not be able to include LuCI in the image. It is possible to replace brnboot with u-boot, however since there is no JTAG this could easily brick your device.

Working image of OpenWRT 12.09 Attitude Adjustment for W502V BRNBOOT (image at http://downloads.openwrt.org/attitude_adjustment/12.09/lantiq/danube/ has broken ethernet): http://uguu.de/~ranma/openwrt/12.09/speedport/ (WiFi, Ethernet working, DSL untested, no support for voice ports)

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