SolidRun - A38X ClearFog

Discover the endless potential of the powerful ARM based boards of ClearFog. The family includes the ClearFog Pro and ClearFog Base (coming soon). Harnessing the robust processing abilities of the ARMADA 38x SoC from Marvell, the ClearFog offers vast application potential as a flexible development board or a ready to deploy solution. Alongside the powerful ARMADA 38x SoC, the ClearFog includes a variety of I/O and connectivity technologies such as multiple mini-PCIe/mSATA sockets, audio/telephony module header, PoE expansion header, mikroBUS™ – a simple socket allowing you to integrate a wide range of MikroElektronika click boards™ modular extensions.

Description/Model Clearfog Base Clearfog Pro
MicroSOM A380 / A388 SoM A380 / A388 SoM
Memory and Storage 256MB / 1GB
µSD / eMMC (optional)
256MB / 1GB
µSD / eMMC (optional)
Connectivity 1 x mSATA/mPCIE
1 x USB 3.0 port
2 x Port dedicated Ethernet
1 x SFP (A388 only)
1 x USB 3.0 port
1 x Port dedicated Ethernet
6 x Port switched Ethernet
1 x SFP (A388 only)
I/O and Misc. Analog Audio
GPIO Header (MikroBus)
Indication LEDs
User Push Buttons
PoE expansion header
RTC Battery
FTDI (Console Only) / Debug Header
Analog Audio/TDM module support
GPIO Header (MikroBus)
Indication LEDs
User Push Buttons
PoE expansion header
RTC Battery
FTDI (Console Only) / Debug Header
JTAG Header
OS Support Linux Kernel 3.x, OpenWRT, Yocto Linux Kernel 3.x, OpenWRT, Yocto
Power 5V – Wide range ready Wide range 9V- 32V
Advanced Power Control
Fan Control
Dimensions 100mm x 74mm (TBD) 225mm x 100mm
Enclosure none available

* M.2 includes USB 3.0 support (in carrier Base only)

MicroSom available in Commercial (0°C ~ 70°C ambient) and Industrial grade (-40°C ~ 85°C ambient).
ARMADA 38x SoC maximum die temperature must be below 115°C in both Commercial and Industrial grades.
ARMADA 38x SoC processor maximum speed for industrial grade devices is 1.3GHz

Adding ClearFog A1 support to mainline Openwrt

Building the image

Make sure you have cloned the latest OpenWrt trunk or CC release.

Update the feeds and go to menuconfig:

$ ./scripts/feeds update -a
$ ./scripts/feeds install -a
$ make menuconfig

While in menuconfig:

  • For the Target System, select: Marvell Armada 37x/38x/XP
  • For the Target Profile, select: SolidRun ClearFog A1 board
  • For the Target Images, select: ramdisk

Exit and save configuration.

Build the image with make.

Booting the image on the board

Go to openwrt/bin/mvebu directory and set up tftp server:

sudo in.tftpd -L -s . 

Power on the board. Connect the Ethernet cable on any LAN port. Press any key to get into the uboot loader, and type the following commands:

setenv ipaddr <board IP addr>
setenv serverip <server IP addr>
setenv ethact egiga1
setenv ethprime egiga1
tftpboot openwrt-mvebu-armada-388-clearfog-initramfs
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