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Sitecom WLR-7100

OpenWrt support

Not supported.

Hardware info

Architecture MIPS32
Target ar7xxx/ar9xxx
Vendor Sitecom
Bootloader u-boot
CPU Model AR1022
CPU Speed ???MHz
Flash size 8MB
RAM size 64MB
WAN 1x RJ45
Ethernet QCA8337 (4xGbe)
Wireless AR1022(Integrated 2.4GHz)+QCA9882(5GHz)
Serial yes
Buttons power switch, WPS button
Power external 12V 1A

Revert to stock

  1. SSH into device
  2. mtd erase “kernel”
  3. reboot
  4. now the device hangs at boot with ip, set any other and then access via web to
  5. upload the .dlf from sitecom site and wait


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