PC Engines APU 3

The PC Engines APU3 boards are very similar to the APU2 boards, but are optimized for the usage of two 3G / LTE modems and have two SIM slots with hardware switching (OpenWrt support for the switch unknown).

There have been reports that “old” SD cards with the 18.06.1 squashfs image are not recognized as bootable, though the ext4 image on the same card boots.

2018-09 – https://forum.openwrt.org/t/sd-install-on-apu-2c2/21584

  • Full support since LEDE-17.01.4
ModelSoCCoresCPU MHzFlash MBRAM MBGbit portsNICsUSB
APU3A2AMD GX-412TC41000SD204833 Intel i211AT2x 3.0
APU3C2AMD GX-412TC41000SD204833 Intel i211AT2x 3.0
APU3C4AMD GX-412TC41000SD409633 Intel i211AT2x 3.0
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  • Last modified: 2019/09/26 09:09
  • by sebastian