The Netgear VEVG2500 is a hard to find device, but it does/did exist, presumably distributed by ISPs in France/Italy/etc. The Netgear VEVG3700 seems to be its successor, but it's chipset is unknown. Finally the DGND3700 is referred to as the successor to the VEVG3700, and sadly the DGNG is Broadcom-based, which means: there are no VDSL2-drivers for the newer devices.

Like stated in the OpenWrt forum it's GPL-dump could serve for finally supporting the Lantiq VR9-SoC via the ltq-dsl-package, which would add support for the first VDSL2 modem.

OpenWrt support status: Not supported

The router i found is branded numericable (french isp) following request give interesting result in serial console:

(context lanip=<color #ed1c24>;busybox</color>&page=saveLanIP)
Color Name GPIO Polarity
Green LAN1 503 Active low
Orange LAN1 503 Active low
Green LAN2 458 Active low
Orange LAN2 458 Active low
Green LAN3 ? Active low
Orange LAN3 ? Active low
Green LAN4 ? Active low
Orange LAN4 ? Active low
Green WAN ? Active low
Orange WAN ? Active low
Green Power led 488 Active low
Green link led ? Active low
Green Info led 496 Active low
Green Ethernet led 493 Active low
Green Tel1 led ? Active low
Green Tel2 led 483 Active low
Green Mail led ? Active low
Blue WPS 459 Active low
Green Wifi 476 Active low

mtd @ desc
0 0x00000000 uboot
1 0x00040000 gphyfw firmware
2 0x000C0000 kernel
3 0x002C0000 rootfs
4 0x06C40000 sysconfig
5 0x07040000 ubootconfig
5 0x07080000 fwdiag

port.serial general information about the serial port, serial port cable, etc.

Serial console is J504. Settings are: 115200, 8, n, 1 Serial Port is 3.3v use TTL adapter

Pint out Line
2 Tx
3 Rx
4 Vcc

short R302 to enter UART CFG02 mode

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