GL.iNet GL-MiFi

Router with optional LTE PCIe card and 18Wh battery.

Note: This will void your warranty!

Remove the 4 rubber feet and remove the screws behind them and pull out the bottom part. Notice the battery is glued to it. As you open you can either disconnect the battery terminal, or detach the battery since the glue is weak.

The LTE PCIe module and antenna connector is immediately accessible.

The Wi-Fi antenna connector is in the SOC module in the bottom of the PCB.

Serial connection parameters
for GL.iNet GL-MiFi
115200, 8N1

Since PCB revision v2.6.2 ( the power control MCU have a communication channel to the main CPU via a UART at 1200 baud, connected to GPIO 8 (RX) and GPIO 19 (TX).

A soft UART is required to use it.

GL.iNet offers in their firmware the package gl-mifi-mcu with a kernel module for soft UART based in

The MCU responds to the following commands:

g {“T”:25.2,“P”:86,“C”:0}
w watchdog reset!
v version:2.03 time:2019.01.08
s stop feed dog!
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