Digilent ZYBO Z7-20

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This device is not a router but a 32bit ARM A9 with an FPGA on the same Xilinx Zynq chip. For online video processing it features two HDMI ports. OpenWrt is in direct competition with the Xilinx PetaLinux. No need to learn much extra, just put OpenWrt on an SD and boot the device with it. This page eventuallly shall evolve to also feature an example how a bitstream created with Xilinx tools can be uploaded to the FPGA from within OpenWrt and communicated with.

Digilent Zybo Z7-20

Mostly supported

OpenWrt boots and performs as expected. Except when it does not and then it is difficult to know whom to blame since there is no documentation. For instance, the temperature of the device is unclear how to determine. Also, the FPGA-typical features are not immediately obvious how to address, or the status of their implementation.

CPU Ram Flash Network WLAN USB Serial JTag
ARM A9 @ 667 MHz (dual core) 1 GiB 16 MiB 1x 10/100/1000 - 1x 2.0 Yes Yes

See reference manual on https://reference.digilentinc.com/_media/reference/programmable-logic/zybo-z7/zybo-z7_rm.pdf

Architecture ZYNQ
Vendor Xilinx
Bootloader EXAMPLE U-Boot
System-On-Chip Zync-7020 (ARM dual core A9)
CPU/Speed 667 MHz
Flash-Chip EXAMPLE unkown
Flash size 16 MiB
Wireless -
Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
Switch -
USB 1x 2.0
Serial Yes

Insert photo for overview

Insert photo of backside label

Insert photo of PCB from top

Insert photo of PCB from bottom

Insert photo of connectors

The device does not come with a box.

port.serial general information about the serial port, serial port cable, etc.

How to connect to the Serial Port of this specific device:
The Device is typically connected via a USB data cable - ensure you have one with all wires and not one of a cheap charger that only provides two.

Serial connection parameters
for Digilent ZYBO Z7-20
115200, 8N1

port.jtag general information about the JTAG port, JTAG cable, etc.

How to connect to the JTAG Port of this specific device:
Insert photo of PCB with markings for JTAG port

Maybe PetaLinux should be shown?

-- TODO: add missing seconds -- [ 6.393722] random: procd: uninitialized urandom read (4 bytes read) [ 6.451460] mount_root: rootdisk overlay filesystem has not been formatted yet [ 6.648874] random: mkfs.f2fs: uninitialized urandom read (16 bytes read) [ 6.980808] F2FS-fs (loop0): Found nat_bits in checkpoint [ 7.038551] F2FS-fs (loop0): Mounted with checkpoint version = 5ccce271 [ 7.045722] mount_root: overlay filesystem has not been fully initialized yet [ 7.053221] mount_root: switching to f2fs overlay [ 7.073176] urandom-seed: Seed file not found (/etc/urandom.seed) [ 7.195008] procd: - early - [ 7.197947] procd: - watchdog - [ 7.790561] procd: - watchdog - [ 7.793917] procd: - ubus - [ 7.812719] random: ubusd: uninitialized urandom read (4 bytes read) [ 7.846923] random: ubusd: uninitialized urandom read (4 bytes read) [ 7.853507] random: ubusd: uninitialized urandom read (4 bytes read) [ 7.860512] procd: - init - Please press Enter to activate this console. [ 8.195848] kmodloader: loading kernel modules from /etc/modules.d/* [ 8.246846] xt_time: kernel timezone is -0000 [ 8.253529] urngd: v1.0.2 started. [ 8.265973] PPP generic driver version 2.4.2 [ 8.281908] NET: Registered protocol family 24 [ 8.297532] kmodloader: done loading kernel modules from /etc/modules.d/* [ 8.332341] random: crng init done [ 8.335739] random: 2 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting [ 16.456839] br-lan: port 1(eth0) entered blocking state [ 16.462090] br-lan: port 1(eth0) entered disabled state [ 16.467574] device eth0 entered promiscuous mode [ 20.578669] macb e000b000.ethernet eth0: link up (1000/Full) [ 20.584348] br-lan: port 1(eth0) entered blocking state [ 20.589600] br-lan: port 1(eth0) entered forwarding state [ 20.595305] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): br-lan: link becomes ready BusyBox v1.31.1 () built-in shell (ash) _______ ________ __ | |.——.——.——.| | | |.——.| |_ | - || _ | -__| || | | || _|| _| |_______|| __|_____|__|__||________||__| |____| |__| W I R E L E S S F R E E D O M ----------------------------------------------------- OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r12798-b51ea43f90 ——————————————————————————

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