Buffalo WZR-450HP2

Bufflo WZR-450HP2D has the same hardware and is working and stable using this device firmware image. To flash just do a firmware upgrade from the stock firmware (Buffalo branded dd-wrt) with squashfs-factory.bin

  1. Build an image using the instruction here Build system usage with the following configuration:
    • Target AR71XX
    • Subtarget generic
    • Profile WZR-450HP2
    • Images ramdisk --→ gzip (will not work unless GZIP is selected, unselect squashfs not needed)
    • LUCI (luci is necessary to be able to connect to router from the browser)
  2. After it is build find and rename openwrt-ar71xx-generic-wzr-450hp2-initramfs-uImage.bin (must be the initramfs or u didn t do the previous step correctly) to wgr450hp-ddwrt-uImage-initramfs-gzip.bin and copy it to a new folder
  3. Download an tftp SERVER (example tftpd32) and make sure it can connect to the internet (firewall etc.)
  4. Set your pc ip to and gateway to (i got this info from wireshark by listening to ethernet and searching for arp and the file name also from wireshark by listening to ethernet and searching for tftp)
  5. open tftp server and set it to ip and to the folder containing wgr450hp-ddwrt-uImage-initramfs-gzip.bin
  6. unplug router
  7. connect lan cable from router lan to pc (NOT wan)
  8. press wps button and reset button at the same time and keep pressing
  9. while pressing plug in router
  10. continue pressing till red flashing led and then stop
  11. if everything goes well the router will download bin file from the pc (check tftp server log)
  12. WAIT
  13. if led flashes red your .bin file didn t work check what u did wrong above
  14. if led didn t flash red DONT UNPLUG ROUTER
  15. Reset pc ip configuration done above, unplug and re-plug lan
  16. connect to router via default ip
  17. do a firmware upgrade
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