This is a OEM linux ebedded board that can be stacked over custom designed board. OpenWrt have support for the developer board named FoxBoardG20 supported inside OpenWrt as at91 target.

CPU Ram Flash Network USB GPIO JTag Serial
ARM9 AT91SAM9G20 64MB 8MB dataflash 1 ethernet 2 Yes Yes Yes


Architecture ARM9
Vendor Acmesystems
Bootloader u-boot
System-On-Chip AT91SAM9G20
Flash size 8MB dataflash
Ethernet 1x 100M
USB 2x 2.0 Host, 1x 2.0 Device
Jtag Yes
Serial Up to 6
RTC On chip

See for the complete list of features.

J10 is a serial port. The signal levels on this port are at 3.3 volt because they come directly from the processor pins. This means that is NOT possible to connect directly the console port of the FOX board to a serial RS232 port of a PC.


  1. VCC (3.3 Volt)
  2. NA
  3. TXD (Out)
  4. RXD (Inp)
  5. NA
  6. GND

Default baud rate and parity parameters for the PC serial port are: 115200,n,8,1. Flow Control=OFF.

The NetusG20, based upon at91 chip, can be re-flashed using sam-ba utilities. Sam-ba 2.9 for linux is available on atmel website atmel

To reflash the board with sam-ba you can use the tcl script file available after openwrt compilation.

./sam-ba /dev/ttyUSB0 at91sam9g20-ek flash.tcl

Inside flash.tcl you can chooise if boot over sdcard or on-board dataflash.
By default the flash.tcl script prefer the sdcard solution.

By default the FoxBoardG20 is shipped with rootfs and kernel in two different partition on microsd card.

To be compliant with AcmeBoot 1.22 and above follow this steps.

wget or <openwrt-trunk>/bin/at91/
wget or <openwrt-trunk>/bin/at91/
sudo tar xvzf openwrt-at91-rootfs.tar.gz -C /media/<ext2>
mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x20008000 -e 0x20008000 -d openwrt-at91-uImage openwrt-at91-tagged
mv openwrt-at91-tagged /media/<fat32>
umount /media/<ext2>

After the reflash of NetusG20 uboot, kernel and rootfs are yet on-place. Enjoy it!

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