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Asmax AR 1004g

Not recommended for future use with OpenWrt due to low flash/ram.
Limitations in extensibility and stability of operation are to be expected.
See 432_warning for details.

Hardware of Asmax AR 1004g is identical to such products as ASUS AM604g and D-Link DSL-2640B.

Hardware info

ADSL2+ Chip with CPU MIPS32 FLASH 4MB SDRAM 16MB Switch 10/100MBit WLAN 802.11b/g ASDL Line driver
Broadcom BCM6348SKFBG SST SST39VF3201 AOTOM A641604L-6TE x2 Broadcom BCM5325EKQMG Broadcom BCM4318KFBG Broadcom BCM6301KSG

CFE startup output

CFE version 1.0.37-10.3 for BCM96348 (32bit,SP,BE)
Build Date: ËÄ  3ÔÂ 26 11:25:24 CST 2009 (root@hpp)
Copyright (C) 2000-2006 Broadcom Corporation.

Boot Address 0xbfc00000

Initializing Arena.
Initializing Devices.
Parallel flash device: name SST39VF3201, id 0x235b, size 4096KB
Flash Layout: Boot[63,0xbfff0000] Kern[1,0xbfc10000]
              AuxFS[61,0xbffd0000] Misc[61,0xbffd0000] PSI[63,0xbfff0000]
Flash RootFS Partition Length: 3932160
CPU type 0x29107: 256MHz, Bus: 128MHz, Ref: 32MHz
Total memory: 16777216 bytes (16MB)

Total memory used by CFE:  0x80401000 - 0x80525230 (1196592)
Initialized Data:          0x8041CB00 - 0x8041EA50 (8016)
BSS Area:                  0x8041EA50 - 0x80423230 (18400)
Local Heap:                0x80423230 - 0x80523230 (1048576)
Stack Area:                0x80523230 - 0x80525230 (8192)
Text (code) segment:       0x80401000 - 0x8041CAF8 (113400)
Boot area (physical):      0x00526000 - 0x00566000
Relocation Factor:         I:00000000 - D:00000000

Board IP address                  :  
Host IP address                   :  
Gateway IP address                :   
Run from flash/host (f/h)         : f  
Default host run file name        : vmlinux  
Default host flash file name      : bcm963xx_fs_kernel  
Boot delay (0-9 seconds)          : 1  
Board Id (0-8)                    : 96348GW-10  
Number of MAC Addresses (1-32)    : 11  
Base MAC Address                  : (***)  
PSI Size (1-64) KBytes            : 24  
Flash Block Size (1-128) in KBytes: 0  
Auxillary File System Size Percent: 0  

udp_send finished
No answer .auto boot ...
*** Press any key to stop auto run (1 seconds) ***

Serial port


VCC = 3.3 V, speed 115200

More infos: Serial Cables


nTRST  1   2 GND
TDI    3   4 GND
TDO    5   6 GND
TMS    7   8 GND
TCK    9  10 GND
nSRST 11  12 GND

More infos: JTAG cables


Install OpenWrt / Restore original firmware

  1. Press and hold RESET button
  2. Turn on router, after 10-15 sec release RESET
  3. Web browser → and upload firmware


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