Wireless FAQ

See if your WiFi is not working:
How do I enable WiFi?

Better wireless throughput with OpenWrt than with OEM firmware?, ,
Can I adjust the transmit power?, , ,
Deauthenticated due to inactivity,
Disconnected due to excessive missing ACKs,
Error for wireless request "Set Mode", , ,
How can I debug my wireless?, ,
How can I setup a captive portal or a hotspot?,
How do I configure wireless settings?,
How do I enable channels 12 and 13?,
How do I enable WiFi?, ,
How do I reset the wifi interface?,
How to get a list of connected clients?,
How to get signal strength when client scanning the network,
How to maximize the wireless throughput?, ,
How to scan for wireless networks?,
I am not reaching theoretical wireless throughput, ,
I can not use HT40+ with channel 11, ,
Learn more about the linux wireless subsystem,
Limitations of combining multiple wireless modes of operation, ,
Other transmit power issues, ,
What can I do with my wireless?,
What does DFS mean?,
What wireless modes of operation are there?, ,
What wireless modes of operation does driver x on hardware y support?, ,
Which wireless drivers are the best?,
Wireless regulation in law,
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