Wireless regulation in law

CRDA (Central Regulatory Domain Agent) takes care of everything!

To not cause havoc in your neighborhood, and also to not break the law and pay a fine!, your IEEE 802.11 setup needs to obey the regulations for your current location. But you do NOT need to bother with all of this, because the CRDA takes care of this for you.
Any country has some kind of regulatory authority in charge of regulating the radio frequency spectrum as these differ from country to country. In case you want to inform/convince yourself of the current regulations, there probably is an official web page on the Internet with this information. For Germany, this is the ⇒“Bundesnetzagentur”. AllgemeinZuteilungen is current valid law as pdf, concerning frequencies and the allowed maximum transmit power.

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  • Last modified: 2019/09/11 15:36
  • by tmomas