Brand Cisco & Viptela
Model @@model@@
Device Type @@device type@@
Availability @@availability@@
OpenWrt Support
Supported Since Commit @@supported since commit@@
Supported Since Release @@supported since rel@@
Supported Current Release @@supported current rel@@
Bootloader @@bootloader@@
Target @@target@@
System-On-Chip @@cpu@@
CPU MHz @@cpu mhz@@
Flash MB @@flash mb@@
RAM MB @@ram mb@@
Ethernet 1Gbit ports @@ethernet 1gbit ports@@
SFP ports @@sfp ports@@
VLAN @@vlan@@
Comments - network ports @@comments network ports@@
USB ports @@usb ports@@
Serial @@serial@@
JTAG @@jtag@@
LED count @@led count@@
Button count @@button count@@
Power supply @@power supply@@
Forum Topic URL @@owrt forum topic url@@
WikiDevi URL @@wikidevi url@@
Firmware OpenWrt Install URL @@firmware openwrt install url@@
Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade URL @@firmware openwrt upgrade url@@
Edit the underlying data @@device techdata@@
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