The T-Mobile Internet Box

is almost identical to the Meshcubes, so a most of documentation found about it applies to them.

This page does not aim to bring full information the device, only mention the last bits which were difficult to find.

Lets have a look inside the box:

CPU Board 1 CPU Board 2 PCMCIA Board 1 PCMCIA Board 2 Connector between SIM card slot and UMTS card umts card minipci wlan card 1 minipci wlan card 2

Their bootloader can be accessed via ethernet with a tool described here. Dont worry, the server is kind of slow.

For erasing the old image, you cannot use “erase -s” but have to do, as described here:

erase 0xbfd00000 0xf0000 erase 0xbe000000 0x200000 erase 0xbe200000 0x200000 erase 0xbe400000 0x200000 erase 0xbe600000 0x200000 erase 0xbe800000 0x200000 erase 0xbea00000 0x200000 erase 0xbec00000 0x200000 erase 0xbee00000 0x200000 erase 0xbf000000 0x200000 erase 0xbf200000 0x200000 erase 0xbf400000 0x200000 erase 0xbf600000 0x200000 erase 0xbf800000 0x200000 erase 0xbfa00000 0x1fffff (yes, sure...)

Dont worry if your Box restarts multiple times during this process. Just make sure each command is confirmed successful once.

Next you can flash first your filesystem-image, then your kernel.

load /openwrt-au1000-vmlinux-flash.srec load /openwrt-au1000-jffs2-128k.srec

And voilla, openwrt is working. It might be necressary to flash a squashfs-filesystem, instead of a jffs-image together with a new kernel (Jul - 17 - 2010)

To have wifi working with a decent transmit-power, you have to apply option 'softled' '0' to the device-section in /etc/config/wireless

If you should want to update your Installation without doing all these things, you can use mtd as described here. Use the .bin and .fs files.

Your first boot will take some minutes and all lights will go out for some time. Don't panic.

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