OpenWrt Hardware List

This page tries to document various companies involved in distributing hardware that can be used with OpenWrt.

:!: There is a difference between advertising Open Source support, OpenWrt support and continuous involvement in OpenWrt development processes.

A database of supported hardware is available in this wiki: Table of Hardware

Another detailed database with detailed Chip, FCC and Vendor (ODM, brand) annotation is maintained at Wikidevi project.

:!: Large companies do not necessarily make better hardware.
:!: Companies might only be active in one geographic region.

Brand/Vendor Country of origin Founded Revenue Employees
Asus TW 1989 12 bill. $ 105000
Fast/Mercury/TP-Link CN 1996 2 bill. $ (2014) 23000 (2015)
Netgear USA 1996 1.3 bill. $ 963
Belkin USA 1983 1 bill. $ 1200
D-Link TW 1986 850 mio. $ 2700
ZyXEL TW 1989 480 mio $ 2200
AVM DE 1986 400 mio € 570
Edimax TW 1986 153 mio € 1200
Sitecom NL 1998 ? 51-200
Trendnet USA 1990
Ubiquiti USA
Xiaomi CN 2010
Arris USA
Senao TW
IOData JP 1976 ~325 mio $

Sources: wikipedia, company websites

Some companies produce hardware that targets businesses (specification, price).

Some companies only sell development boards to end users. Other vendors provide hardware to complete the system, while OpenWrt provides Software. Some ship “incomplete” or old OpenWrt versions.

Vendor Brand Notes
HP Aruba takeover
Cisco Linksys sold to Belkin
Cisco Meraki
Raspberry Pi
Hardkernel Odroid

Some ODMs have their own brands (Senao has EnGenius) or sell with different brands/brands from bought companies.

Vendor Brand Notes
Senao EnGenius
Belkin (Cisco) Linksys takeover/sold
Arris Pace takeover

An OEM/ODM vendor manufactures hardware for vendors selling to end-users.

ODM Vendor-Brand Source
Alpha Networks D-Link wikidevi DIR-860L_A1
Arcadyan Buffalo wikidevi WZR-D1800H
Cameo D-Link wikidevi DGL-5500
CyberTAN Linksys wikidevi EA6500
Delta Networks Netgear wikidevi R6000
Foxconn Netgear wikidevi R6300
Senao ZyXEL wikidevi NBG6616
AVM/Arcadyan Telekom Speedport wikipedia Speedport

For a list of SoC see: SoC (System on a Chip)

Some brands use many different ODM/OEM companies and might change SoC between revisions: extreme example is D-Link DIR-615.

TP-Link seems to prefer QCA SoCs. Asus seems to prefer Broadcom SoCs.

Arris sells Cable modem/routers. Similar to DSL chipsets most cable (DOCSIS) chipsets are likely closed source, making OpenWrt support unlikely.

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