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Gateworks is the leading supplier of powerful ARM based Single Board Computers that feature a rugged design, are made in the USA and have excellent support.

OpenWrt has been Gateworks OS of choice for all 5 generations of SBCs which are unique in their ability to support multiple Mini-PCI and Mini-PCIe slots.

Gateworks continuously updates and grabs the latest from OpenWrt.

Gateworks may have enhancements that are not yet in mainline that exist in the Gateworks binaries. For the optimal operation of the hardware, Gateworks recommends downloading the pre-built binaries from their wiki, which includes installation instructions: Gateworks OpenWrt Wiki.

Please visit the Gateworks OpenWrt page for more information on OpenWrt on Gateworks boards.

Gateworks Single Board Computer families

OpenWrt Table of Hardware

Brand ModelSupported Current RelWLAN HardwareEthernet Gbit portsOEM Device Homepage URLDevice Techdata
GateworksAvila GW234218.06.14x mini-PCI-View/Edit data
GateworksAvila GW234712.091x mini-PCI-\View/Edit data
GateworksAvila GW2348-212.092x mini-PCI-\View/Edit data
GateworksAvila GW2348-412.094x mini-PCI-\View/Edit data
GateworksAvila GW235512.094x mini-PCI-\View/Edit data
GateworksAvila GW235712.091x mini-PCI-\View/Edit data
GateworksCambria GW235012.091x mini-PCI-\View/Edit data
GateworksCambria GW2358-412.094x mini-PCI-\View/Edit data
GateworksLaguna GW238018.06.11x mini-PCIe1 data
GateworksLaguna GW238218.06.11x mini-PCIe1\View/Edit data
GateworksLaguna GW238718.06.12x mini-PCI1\View/Edit data
GateworksLaguna GW238818.06.14x mini-PCI2\View/Edit data
GateworksLaguna GW239118.06.12x mini-PCIe1\View/Edit data
GateworksNewport GW6100snapshot1x mini-PCIe1 data
GateworksNewport GW6200snapshot2x mini-PCIe2 data
GateworksNewport GW6300snapshot3x mini-PCIe2 data
GateworksNewport GW6400snapshot3x mini-PCIe5 data
GateworksVentana GW510018.06.11x mini-PCIe1 data
GateworksVentana GW520017.01.42x mini-PCIe1 data
GateworksVentana GW522017.01.42x mini-PCIe1 data
GateworksVentana GW530017.01.44x mini-PCIe2 data
GateworksVentana GW531017.01.44x mini-PCIe2 data
GateworksVentana GW540017.01.46x mini-PCIe2 data
GateworksVentana GW541017.01.46x mini-PCIe2 data
GateworksVentana GW551017.01.41x mini-PCIe- data
GateworksVentana GW552017.01.42x mini-PCIe2 data
GateworksVentana GW553018.06.11x mini-PCIe- data
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